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BPO Seat Leasing: A more timely solution

The birth of seat leasing

With the need to operate in a more affordable set-up, a great number of businesses realized the benefits of business process outsourcing. The more obvious location choices are Philippines and India. With the demand getting higher, BPO providers have shifted to more optimal solutions, thus seat leasing was born.

Seat leasing caters to businesses that are looking at business expansions. It also is a great option for start up entrepreneurs. Basically, the seat leasing model allows more room for businesses to survive and grow.

The idea of seat leasing comes from the traditional office space leasing. It has evolved to catch a portion of the BPO market, businesses that are looking for a lot less expensive option.


There are a lot of possible solutions. Since the competition is getting tighter for providers, they are constantly coming up with strategies to outdo each other. Seat leasing companies are in constant search for greater facilities, better building locations, better building infrastructure and faster internet connections. With this, clients can expect better workspaces, utilities and equipment and better prices from a lot of providers.

Clients can rent a single seat up to a whole office space floor. Clients can share spaces with other clients or clients can also opt to have partitions / divisions installed.

In Cebu, providers are redefining the standards to accommodate the evolving needs of their clients. Software tools and hardware specs required by clients can also be met just as long clients can operate their businesses smoothly.

Negotiations are also welcome. Better terms can be agreed so investment can be put into better use.

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