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Call Center Office Hacks

So, you want to start or expand your call center. Great news – It’s never been easier to start a call center or non-voice BPO in the Philippines as it is today.

A wise person once said, the quality of your life boils down to the quality of the questions you ask. Here’s a question:

How can you start (or grow) a call center with minimum effort and money, and that will have the maximum positive effect on your business?

Basically maximum output for minimum input – the ideal for basically everyone in every task.

Enter BPOseats.com
BPOseats is your HACK to entering the Call Center Office or BPO game. If you are already in – BPOseats system will make it super easy for you to expand.


How can BPOseats help you maximize your efforts with minimum effort? Here’s how BPOseats helps BPO & Call Center operations expand rapidly:

1) Clients effortlessly lease fully customized offices fitted with tables, cubicles, computers, headsets, lightning-fast internet, etc

2) Clients outsource the recruitment and hiring process and payroll services for Philippine based agents

3) Clients have quick and easy access to the company owner, Amanda, for rapid service when needs arise

4) Clients receive competitive prices starting at $99/seat/month

Are you ready to expand your business?
Are you ready to outsource?
Are you ready to have a Call Center Office?

If you believe you are ready – simply contact BPOseats.com now.

Get you the results you are after with minimal effort.

10x your business by outsourcing the things you don’t need to worry about. It’s easier than ever, with BPOseats.com to start a Call Center Office.

The ball is in your court. Pick up the phone or send an email if you are serious about moving forward rapidly!

+63 915 822 8222




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