Cebu City has one of the fastest growing regional economies.  This growth has made Central Visayas economy one of the top performing regions in the Philippines.  Which is why a lot of BPO’s and Call Center business are either opening in Cebu or expanding their operations.


When a major BPO company comes into Cebu there are a lot of things to consider like office location, recruitment of staff, and office builds.  Typically these companies opt to just lease offices per seat.  But since majority of these companies are after the scale ability of their business they need to factor how much a seat leasing facility can accommodate their growth.  A lot of the time seat leasing facilities cannot accommodate the need of a big company that would like to scale to hundreds of seats in a span of a couple of months.   When this no longer becomes an option the large BPO company has no other choice but to build out their own office.


Building out their own office however has no longer become the last option.  This is where comes into the equation. builds exclusive offices for clients and can customize builds based on the clients specs.  Now, if you are a client in need of 100 seats and are looking to scale to 300 seats in the next 6 months, has got you covered.  From 24/7 operations to offices with training rooms and interview rooms, has everything a company of any size needs to succeed without having to deal with all of the hassle of building out their own offices and having to deal with the stress of over seeing a construction team. provides all of that and more.  Exclusive offices that are open for each clients need 24/7.  I.T Support to assist clients if there are any issues at all, 100 Mbps Fibr Optic internet with 100 Mbps Fibr optic internet. is the preferred Seat Leasing Option in Cebu city and is the largest in the Visayas Region!


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