Setting up a call center doesn’t have to be a lot of work.


Here at, setting up your own call center is a lot easier.


Knowing the ins and outs of the industry can give a helpful insight to provide you more knowledge on how to manage your available resources. Growth in the call center business have rapidly changed the economic landscape of the Philippine economy in the past several years. But with this growth comes the rising demand for office spaces for companies to nest their operations. Many companies offer seat leasing services and(or) office space rentals. This have made their choices rather confusing as to which company truly seeks out the best interest in them.


With over 4 years of experience and 4000 available seats, spread across four different locations in Metro Cebu, has positioned itself to be one of the best BPO Solution, Call Center Office, Serviced Office and Seat Leasing option in the Philippines. We make this happen by providing our clients with the best 24/7 exclusive office spaces available.



BENEFITS of the all-in-one package we offer:

Brand new PEZA accredited facilities use only

the fastest 100 mbps+ FIBER OPTIC Internet.

Office Spaces are custom-built without any extra cost.


Customization is key in making sure our clients are truly satisfied with our services. You can have them redesigned to suit to your desired office setting. Lessees can run their operations privately for we do not offer shared environments to our clients.


And we can accommodate everyone to their very own exclusive office. We take away the burden from you in spending your resources on utility bills and manpower for a very low price monthly. Absolutely no hidden charges and no long term contracts.


Give us a call now and we’ll be glad to hear from you! Make this feasible option happen now.The promising start or growth of your company can happen now  if you lease with us.  Here at, setting up your own office space is fast, easy and affordable.

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