BPOSeats.com is relatively a seat leasing company that has already catered 4000 call center seats within four locations in Cebu. As a seat leasing company, BPOSeats.com offers the following:

  • Customized office space build-out and rental.  We build custom solutions for our clients.
  • Existing Office Hire available.  We have 100+ offices to choose from!
  • Call Center Office for Lease.  We have four locations in Cebu with 4000+ seats ready to go!
  • Seat Leasing Options that are inside of exclusive office space

But BPOSeats.com is more than just a seat leasing company. BPOSeats.com is also a recruitment solution provider. As a recruitment solution provider, BPOseats created a unique recruitment process that could potentially become the next big thing. With a recruitment hub in APM Mall, they conduct the following process including a FILMED INTERVIEW that can be benefited even for future vacancies:


Applicants are given a handout where they could fill up their basic information.


After filing up the necessary information, they give their valid IDs (e.g School ID, Gov’t IDs) and other supporting documents in paper like Barangay Clearance, NBI Clearance etc.. if the following is available.


Create an account by signing up in the website in the computer room and filling up further information regarding the applicant.


After the online creation, applicants get the chance to prepare for their interview with maximum 5 minutes of preparation time before they proceed to filming of the interview



Applicants are then filmed for an intitial interview, with 10 basic questions that assess their experience and perspective in general work situations. They also get the chance to describe their skills, personality and facts about themselves.

Once filming is finished, they are advised to keep their lines open. Keeping their mobile phone active will give BPOSeats.com a chance to call them or email them when a client company of BPOSeats.com is interested to interview or potentially hire them directly.

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