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Recruitment is among the core function of personnel management. It has constantly been a battle for companies to search for individuals who are certified and matched for the task. Due to the fact that it needs a lot of evaluation and taking into factors to consider all the candidates who used for the task, the procedure had actually become tiresome and dragging.

Conventional recruitment normally depends on paper ads and/or recruitment companies that collects pool of candidates, screens countless resumes to offer you a list of candidates you required for your task opening. This kind of approaches generally takes some time in setting up,evaluating up whether he/she is qualified for interview.

What BPOSeats.com offers in recruitment is not just opportunity for applicants, but time-efficiency for clients. Clients of BPOSeats.com are only a few clicks away into scrolling and viewing applicants interview in our database. The BPOSeats.com website enables clients’ special access to view applicants, with their attached interview videos considered as their initial interview. When clients are able to eye potential applicants for their company, they contact BPOSeats.com and set up a final interview for any choice of purpose. Whether just for a second interview, or a potential job offer, BPOSeats.com creates this unique recruitment process that makes hiring a fulfilling process for the company.

BPOSeats.com APM BPO Recruiting Hub
BPOSeats.com APM BPO Recruiting Hub

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