Cost-Efficient, Inexpensive Seat Leasing Service

Seat leasing has become among the most inexpensive and useful method for launching any BPO company. The great thing about this option is that companies are getting more than just actual seats and office spaces. Rather than spending for huge service bundles, you can rent private seats for your very own staff members and pay on a monthly basis. This will save you so much time and will let your company get the chance to take off at an earlier than expected time.

With a provider like, we promise quality and efficiency to run an office.

Here at, we always make sure that all facilities are brand new and uses only the highest quality, new technology available. Listed below are some of what our services can become as an advantage

  • Brand New Facilities and Computers
  • Office Chairs
  • Cubicle Setup with Sound Control
  • Aircon
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • 24/7 Security
  • Electricity
  • Dual 100MBPS Fibr Optic Internet Connection

Start your own BPO center by availing from 5 to 1, 000 seats among our now 10,000 seats available for lease. Your future company can either be in one of the five locations we have around Metro Cebu or better yet our first location in Pampanga. Location of our sites are very accessible for everyone, making it an ideal place for work. Facilities are PEZA accredited and coupled with 3 back up internet providers in the country. Our staff and crew are more than ready and capable to assist you in providing you with your needs in running your campaigns.

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