Seat Leasing: A Budget-Friendly Expense For Your Business in 2020.

Seat Leasing is the most flexible services provided by Companies are assured to conserve money and time without compromising quality services, as they offer you with totally geared up office that is plug and plays prepared for instant smooth organization operations.

The objective of seat leasing companies is to offer the best service at the most budget-friendly expense. Nevertheless, complete satisfaction from the client’s end should be ensured. The fulfillment will be accomplished through the quality of service seat leasing companies offer. The purpose of seat leasing is for you not to have to spend a fortune. Expert seat leasing uses the exact same quality service you would get from employing internal professionals at a portion of the expense.

Rental includes the following:

  • Brand new PC, 19inch monitors, office chairs and desk
  • 100 Mbps fiber optic internet connections (Rise, Globe, and PLDT)
  • 24/7/365 Backup generator to avoid service-interruptions
  • Air-conditioning
  • Free water, electricity
  • Free use of the conference room
  • Free parking (very large parking lot)
  • 24/7 IT Support, Security
  • Professional cleaning by licensed custodian service (common areas) is ready to provide you with their affordable seat leasing services and friendly environment. We offer an all-in-one package. We have a number of companies under our wing for several years now. All-in-one package includes the facilities, equipment, space modifications, cleaning services, internet, equipment, technical support and even electricity. Take the best deals out there in leasing. BPOSeats let you take control of your own office space.

With, we believe we can give the best assistance to any BPO company. It ensures that the company is ready to work, with an instant office. Along with that, we offer many other services not mentioned, with the following:

-Customer service

-Inbound and outbound marketing

-Virtual assistance

-Graphic design

-Web Development

-Recruitment & Staffing

Contact us today for additional information on how our seat rental plans work for you.

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