Seat Leasing Philippines Ideal for Call Center Business

Discover what is seat leasing and how does it helps call center companies in the IT/ BPO industry to quickly and easily build out offices in the Philippines with no huge time and resources needed!

Seat Leasing Philippines Ideal for Call Center Business
Philippines’ seat leasing for call center business

What is seat leasing and how your business can benefit from it?

Seat Leasing is a brand new alternative that’s taking control of the Philippines BPO market.

Essentially, services, both foreign or local, will lease a particular variety of seats within a shared workplace.

These workplaces are completely geared up with all the tools, workstations, and amenities that the lessee and his workers can use.

Organizations from the other big countries are choosing the Philippines for this service.

Seat Leasing Philippines Ideal for Call Center Business
The i1 Building in IT Park, Cebu City for offers seat leasing services for foreign companies

There are many benefits to seat leasing and these are:

Low Expenditures required.

There are several reasons that services decide to rent seats rather than leasing entire workplaces.

The most typical factor is expense savings.

Services, specifically startups, will take advantage of the lowered expenditures without needing to jeopardize the quality of their workspace.

2. Administrative and IT expert support

Seat leasing providers in the country have their own administrative and IT personnel that will take manage their particular jobs.

Whether company owners opt to broaden or diminish your labor force, doing so will be a lot simpler with seat leasing.

They can rent any variety of seats that they require, be it 1 or 100.

3. All Set to use for your team

When leasing a whole workplace, the area is typically empty.

The business will be the ones to provide, establish the IT facilities, and gain all needed work devices prior to they can even run.

Seat leasing workplaces are currently geared up with computer systems, web connection, security video cameras, and so on.

You don’t need to purchase office tools and technologies because your seat leasing providers have prepared the most important tools your team needs today. 

How does seat leasing reduces time -delay and capital requirements?

How does seat leasing reduces time -delay and capital requirements?
Office ready for your offshore team in the Philipines today

Setting up an office from the ground up may entail huge time and resources.

Plus the inconvenience of getting building permits from local authorities. 

You might not want to waste time on that and you don’t allow to disconnect from your customers because your office is not yet ready. 

That’s why seat leasing offers you much convenience and hassle-free setup of your call center office in the Philippines today. offers seat leasing options in Cebu, Mandaue, and Angeles Pampanga for your 1-2000 offshore team members.

Providing your startup or growing team with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure they continue to deliver KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and productivity to your call center company.

Virtual tour of your office here

Quick office for your offshore team in the Philippines

When work-from-home (WFH) setup is not available for your offshore team in the Philippines, you can gather them in one professional call center office. 

Seat Leasing Philippines Ideal for Call Center Business
A reliable office space creates a more productive team for your offshore business in the Philippines

ESL (English as a Second Language) business, virtual assistants services, call-center representatives, a team of back-office support, software and design, sales and marketing, etc can leverage BPOSeats seat leasing services. 

And with a 24/7 backup generator and LIVE IT support to ensure your team has quick access to help with their technical needs. 

Such as light not working well, PC or headset need AC (air-conditioned) clean-up and maintenance, light and water fixing, office cleaning, and some special requests. 

So you don’t need to hire other third-party providers because BPOSeats offers these value-added services already.

Provide your team a reliable call center office today for them to deliver efficient productivity. 

Conclusion is offering the best seat leasing and BPO services for any size BPO or call center business in Cebu and Pampanga, Philippines.

Contact us if you want to know more about our services.

Since 2014, it has grown its services to six facilities, ensuring we provide the most functional and PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) accredited office space for your outsourcing company.

And with that, we’d like to assist you in your recruitment through

BPOSeats Time Tracker and HQZen productivity tools
Time Tracker Free Use with BPOSeats Tech

And for your offshore team to offer more accountability in the workplace, BPOSeats has developed another online productivity tool to help track your team’s working hours and project goals.

Introducing Time Tracker and HQZen.

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