BPOSeats.com specializes in Call Center office for lease solutions.  

With our plug & play setups, you are operational within 24 hours! 

Do you need a tailor-made solution? 

We can get you started today and build your custom solution. BPOSeats. com believes we are Cebu’s experts in BPO growth and development.

Need Flexibility?

We know what it’s like to search for the perfect office and you hesitate to choose the wrong place. Certainly!

What happens if you go too fast? 

What if your campaign suffers? 

Does it cost THAT number to convert the “bare” space? 

Does it take SO LONG to connect to the internet? 

We have what it takes to get YOU started today! 

  • The internet is already connected to redundant providers (we only use Cebu’s top ISPs, and encourage you to run speed tests, pings, MTRs, and even tests before signing up!) 
  • Our rental solutions call center office is exclusive 24/7, which means you have dedicated processors in your private office. We are not doing a “shared” space. You shouldn’t either.
  • Our networks are configured to PCI compliance specifications. You don’t have to worry about stolen data, or centrally aggregating data on “shared” servers. 
  • We support the dramatic increase in data security associated with managing your independent network, independent router, and independent switches. 

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