If you need an office hire solution in Cebu immediately, BPOseats.com is your answer.  

We have 100+ exclusive 24/7 offices across 8 locations in Cebu (Ayala ACC Tower, Central Bloc IT Park, GAGFA Tower, JDN IT Park Square, i1 IT Park Cebu, eBloc4 IT Park Cebu, and Marquee Mall Pampanga)  We are your #1 office hire solution with over 8000 seats in the Philippines!

When you start your search for an office hire solution in Cebu, you’re going to come across a few realizations:

  1. Deposits can be HUGE!  (Not with BPOSeats.com)
  2. “Bare” space means BARE space.  (Not with BPOSeats.com)
  3. Internet can take MONTHS to install/fix (Not with BPOSeats.com)
  4. Competitors want to lock you into long term contracts. (Not with BPOSeats.com)
  5. It’s expensive! (Not with BPOSeats.com)

With over 8000 Seats, we have reached efficiency as an Office Hire Solution


When you get an office hire solution from BPOSeats.com we’re so confident in our abilities we do a 1month deposit.  That’s the lowest you will find in Cebu and its put to just assure property doesn’t go missing!

BARE Office Hire solutions?

We don’t do BARE.  We customize and fit-out offices to be professional.  We want you to stay for a while so we are constantly upgrading our facilities. We clean and replace often.  We keep investing back into our facilities to improve.


Our size allows us to negotiate super competitive deals for Internet.  And as a huge client, we are #1 on their customer service lists.  This means we don’t do downtime.  We use the best ISPs available in Cebu to have a completely redundant fiber grid between our four locations.  Because you never know, this also means we support ADDITIONAL redundancy by using microwave dishes between buildings to prevent the third level of redundancy.

Long Term Contract

We don’t force long-term contracts.  We want to keep flexibility, the #1 goal of BPOSeats.com.  We understand your BPO campaigns change often, so we try and be as accommodating as possible.  We certainly don’t aim to lock you into long-term contracts you don’t want to be in.


Our pricing for 24/7 exclusive managed office spaces is often less than what our competitor’s charge for an eight-hour-shift.  Again, when you deal with the biggest provider in Cebu: 8000 seats across 8 locations, you can’t go wrong!

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