BPOSeats.com is the Seat Leasing King of Cebu: 8000+ Seats across 6 facilities in Cebu and 1 facility in Pampanga.

Seat leasing is a very common term in the Philippines and we are the undisputed king of Cebu. We have over 8000 seats available in seven (7) locations in the Philippines. Prices starting at $ 130 only for a seat with exclusive 24/7support access to your station!

We have seven (7) great facilities in prime locations in the Philippines:

  • eBloc4, IT Park Start at $259/seat.
  • Central Bloc, IT Park Start at $199/seat.
  • Cebu Business Park – Ayala ACC Tower Starts at $199/seat
  • i1 , IT Park Start at $189/seat.
  • GAGFA Tower ¬†Starts at $169/seat.
  • JDN IT Square, Mandaue Start at $130/seat.
  • Marquee Mall, Pampanga Start at $150/seat.

You have exclusive access to your facility and no one else will use your computers during your “off-shift”. This means you have more time to focus on your BRAND in the comfort of a private office.

Best Seat Leasing Rates in Cebu?

Our rates above are more affordable than our competitors operating in SHARED environments

NO reason to share if you can choose BPOSeats.com!

Exclusive Private Office > Shared Space!!

If you’re just starting out, we offer extreme flexibility so you can scale your company and move to new spaces while your campaign is launched.

In general, we provide shared services such as the pantry, training classrooms, and interview rooms. Best of all, we never charge for these extra facilities. We value our clients and want them to stay!

We promise that with us, you will have the best locations, the best exclusive offices, the best prices, and the best internet connection ever!

Affordable global collaboration at your fingertips.

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